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I have experienced the trainers to have a very high standard of excellence of their academic knowledge. In all the years that I have received training, these educators are the most engaging, inclusive and informative that I have had the pleasure to be a part of.


Disability Coordinator

“The commitment and quality of training delivered has been nothing but amazing. I can say with confidence that classes were enjoyable, yet also was able to understand and was easy to follow so that allowed me to learn more efficiently. Student engagement was brilliant as I can recall that my fellow students in my class were happy with all the help and support received with our whole group completing.”


I completed my Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention. My trainer was encouraging, engaging, full of wisdom and had an endless supply of knowledge in this field.


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with the trainers. Classes were energetic, engaging and got you out of your comfort zone. Making you expand your thinking and allowing you to grow. Thanks!”


Excellent facilitators who strive to engage their students in an interactive learning environment. Each and every student is supported and encouraged, leading to successful outcomes for those who commit.


“The training and delivery I received from my lecturer was very motivating and her life and professional experiences reflects in her strong delivery to empower you in learning and being confident in your field. The trainers are very respectful and know how to talk with people and connect on a level that inspires you to learn more.”


“My experience with my trainer was phenomenal. I have been out of school and therefore study for quite some time, but the trainers were always motivated, encouraging and engaged really well with myself and other students in our cohort to assist us to get as much out of the course as we could. My remote location hardly seemed a hurdle. The trainer’s dedication, expertise and nature was inspiring and appreciated by all”.


The training provided was engaging and beneficial. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, and it has led to lifelong relationships and greater professional opportunities.”


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I have learnt so much whilst undertaking my studies with Star College. I have loved my training and have always been supported and encouraged by my trainers and the whole SCA team throughout my learning journey. I have gained an abundance of knowledge and been inspired to teach others and help improve the lives those with mental health and disabilities. Undertaking these studies have helped me gain confidence and build the skills I needed to improve my career and lead to different pathways.

Nora Rapana, Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family Intervention (CHC40313) & Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015) 

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