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Immigration and Visas

Can I apply if I'm on a visa?

Yes however if you are intending on applying for funding we recommend it is best to speak to an apprentice centre for the specific requirements and eligibility in regards to your visa type. 

Fee for service students will have no problem but will just need to notify the SCA Enrolment team of your visa details 

Can I study more than one course?

There is no limit on how many courses you can apply for however it will be at the governments discretion if you are applicable for funding 

Please call us on 1300 206 000 for more information 

How do I apply for funding?

To apply for funding please click on the link on Star College Australia's introductory email which takes you to the apprenticeships application form or contact us for further assistance 

Can I get support for a learning disability?

Yes. We do have assistance and LLN specialists for those who require it. We ask you please specify and mark the appropriate boxes on your Star College Australia Enrolment form upon enrolment. The more information you provide the better we can assist in supporting you on your learning journey 

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