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Fees and Funding

Is there an enrolment fee?

Depending on the course you are enrolling in there may be an enrolment fee that applies

Please contact 1300 206 000 for more information 

What are the tuition fees and when do I pay?

Star College Australia has various fees depending on the courses you choose. Payment plans and company invoices are available upon request 

Please contact 1300 206 000 for more information 

What funding is available for me?



Northern Territory

User Choice (Employed)

Job Trainer Funding (Job Seekers)

Western Australia 


How do I apply for funding?

Please contact 1300 206 000 or email for more information and the application form

Why is it my employer that needs to apply for funding?

Under the User Choice funding scheme the employer needs to assist in completing the application form 

What if I don't have an employer?

Option 1: Pay for the course either upfront

Option 2: Set up payment installments via the SCA Direct Debit payment plan system 

What is an apprenticeship centre?

Apprenticeship centres are contracted by the Government to explain to employers, apprentices and trainees the rules that apply and the financial assistance that may be available. They provide support to employers, apprentices and trainees throughout the life of the training contract. 

Do I need to be employed for funding? 

Depending on the course and funding scheme you are applying for the general answer is yes apart from those interested in Job Trainer courses

If I am funding the course myself do I need to pay the total amount of the course upfront?

Self funded students have the option to either pay the course cost up front or alternatively can contact us and be set up on our direct debit payment plan where you pay installments set to fit your needs 

Please note that the entire cost of the course must be paid before you can receive your qualification and statement of attainment 

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