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Identify and/ or Date of Birth (DOB)

Please provide us with a copy of a minimum of one of the following documents to help prove your identity and show your date of birth:

  • Current Drivers Licence issued under Australian Law (front and back)

  • Current adult Proof of Age card (front and back)

  • Current Passport 

  • Birth Certificate

State or Territory Residency 

A copy of one of the following documents that shows your residential address and matches the other address information provided to assist us in confirming your state or territory of residency

  • Current Drivers Licence issued under state of residency 

  • Recent electricity, gas or telephone bill

  • Recent local government rates notice 

  • Current vehicle registration certificate 

  • Bank statement issued within the last 3 months 

  • Official letter from Centrelink or Department of Human Services

  • Australian Electoral Commission document (eg. electoral enrolment letter)

  • Current contract of property purchase, lease/ rental document, mortgage/ land ownership certificate 

Australian or New Zealand Citizenship 

A copy of one of the following which proves your citizenship: 

  • Current Australian or New Zealand Passport

  • Birth Certificate*

  • Australian Citizenship Certificate

  • Certificate of Status for New Zealand Citizens in Australia (CSNZA)**

* Birth Certificate must be prior to 20 August 1986 or show that one/ both parents are born in Australia

** Please note that these are no longer issued by Australian Home Affairs, however will still be accepted 

Australian Permanent Residency 

A copy of one of the following which proves your residency status*: 

  • Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status (CERS) 

  • Current Medicare Card (Green Card ONLY)

  • Permanent visa or formal communication from the Department of Immigration showing approval of a permanent visa subclass 

  • Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) concession card 

* Only required for domestic students who are not Australian or New Zealand Citizens 

Underage  Students 

Students enrolling in Star College Australia who are under 18 years of age will need to complete a Parental Consent Form

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