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After Decision

When can I start my course?

Depending on your payment method (ie. funding, self funded etc) the commencements are different. Please see below for more information specific to different payment methods. 

User Choice Funded Participants

If you have applied for User Choice Funding you can officially commence your training once your training contract has been signed by yourself and your employer 

Self Funded Participants

Fee for service participants can commence in their chosen course/s once they have completed the Star College Australia enrolment process, set up their payment plan and paid the first initial installment  

Job Trainer Participants (Job Seeker)

Participants who have enrolled under the Job Trainer Fund and have been approved in their course of choice will receive their first unit and commence as soon as completing the Star College Australia enrolment process 

How long will it take to process my enrolment?

Once Star College Australia have received all your enrolment paperwork it will be processed and you will be notified within 24 hours


Please note that if any issues occur or any documentation is missing we will contact you in order to complete your enrolment 

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